Recipe: Mangomisu - with Organic Italian Almonds

Recipe: Mangomisu - with Organic Italian Almonds


(For 2-4 persons)


Mascarpone cheese 180g

Thickened cream 200g

Icing sugar 16g

1 egg yolk

Juice of 2-3 oranges

Sponge finger biscuits 100g

Mango 2-3 no.

Vanilla extract

RizzyItalia Italian organic almonds



1) Cut mangoes into slices.

2) Squeeze the oranges. 

3) In a bowl whisk cream with icing sugar until firm. Add egg yolk, vanilla extract, and mascarpone and mix with a whisker. Keep in the fridge while preparing the finger biscuit. 

4) Form the finger biscuit in the desired shape on a plate. 

5) Soak finger biscuit with orange juice. 

6) Spread a layer of cream. Add a layer of sliced mango on top. Repeat the same for another layer. 

7) Sprinkle some chopped almond on top. 

8) Decorate the cake in your own creative way. Have fun. 


Recipe created by Rizzy's Mama

26years+ of Italian cuisine experience
(disclaimer: Rizzy is 26 years old
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