Recipe: Baked champignons stuffed with Cheese

由 Rizzy Pennelli

Baked champignons stuffed with RizzyItalia Pecorino and Caciocavallo cheeses
(For 2 persons)
Mushroom champignons 12pcs
Egg yolk 1
RizzyItalia Gran Cao Pecorino 1 tablespoon
RizzyItalia Caciocavallo 30g
RizzyItalia organic Extravergine olive oil 1 tablespoon
Black pepper
(Decoration: cherry tomatoes and salad)
1) Detach champignon heads and chop the stalks.
2) Mince garlic and parsley. Cut caciocavallo cheese in small cubes. Shred pecorino cheese.
3) Mix the filling in a bowl using the chopped champignons stalks, garlic, parsley, egg yolk caciocavallo, pecorino, extravergine olive oil, salt and pepper.
4) Stuff the filling in the mushroom heads. Turn oven to 180 degrees celcius and bake for 30mins.

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Recipe created by Rizzy Mama

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