Recipe: Creamy mushroom soup

Creamy mushroom soup
with Italian organic almond

(For 2 persons)
Mushroom champignons 400g
Onion ½ pc
Potato 150g
RizzyItalia Extravergine olive oil 30g
RizzyItalia Organic Almonds
Black pepper
Vegetable broth or water 350g 
(Decoration: parsley)

1) Cut onion and potato in cubes and slice mushroom.  Chop almonds. 
2) Add Extravergine oil in a pot, add onion.  Fry for a minute then add the mushrooms, salt and pepper. 
3) Pour in the vegetable broth/water and cook for 8-10 mins.  Put a few of the mushrooms to one side then blend the rest of the mushrooms, onion and potato until smooth.  Put in the extra slices of mushroom and chopped almonds. Ready to serve.
Extra Tips!
A piece of toasted bread goes well with the soup.
light cheese chip can be used to enjoy with the soup! 
(Eg. Aged Pecorino) 

Video (to be uploaded)


Recipe created by Rizzy Mama

26years+ of Italian cuisine experience
(reference: Rizzy is 26 years old
Mama is younger than 26.)