- The Awesome Italian Almonds -

Our almonds will give you a whole new definition of almonds.

The family farm is located in Gargano National Park, Puglia Province, southern Italy. It covers an area of one square kilometer and produces almonds and olive oil. The owner of the farm is now the fourth generation of the land.

Italian almonds are known for their quality, but they are rarely seen in the Hong Kong local market. The main reason is that the most popular American almonds and Korean almonds are industrial products. Therefore, their production is very large and monopolizes Hong Kong's imports. Italian almonds are have limited production. It is especially rare to find home-grown Italian almonds in Hong Kong.

ITALY vs. other almonds

The biggest differences between Rizzy Italia almonds and the popular California / Korean almonds are:


  1. Strong Almond fragrance :

Rizzy Italia almonds have a good texture, crispy but not hard. Upon  biting, it will release a mouthful of strong almond flavor, resembling the fragrance as strong as almond milk. The California / Korea almonds are relatively weak. Being too hard will hurt our teeth, and they are much more lacking in the athentic almond flavor.


  1. No additives :

Rizzy Italia almonds are itself very tasty, so there is no need to use any artificial seasonings: such as chocolate, wasabi. Additives are mainly used to cover the fact of poor quality of the product. ( At the same time, they usually have a high content of artificial sugar!). The best way to eat Italian almonds is to simply taste the original almonds, or mix it with coffee and red wine.


  1. Rare & Organic :

Over 80% of the almonds produced in the world come from California, and most of them are industrial products. Italy's production is only 3% of the world. Of the 3%, it is very rare to be able to reach Hong Kong, be organically grown, and be craft-based.


  1. Multiple certifications :

ICEA | https://icea.bio/

Prove that the farm operates as a sustainable organic farming manner.


European Organic | https://ec.europa.eu/info/food-farming-fisheries/farming/organic-farming/organics-glance/organic-logo_en

More than 95% of the ingredients are certified organic, meaning they do not contain: synthetic additives for pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes, and must not be processed using industrial solvents, irradiation or genetic engineering.


Fairtrade Italy | www.equo.it

Fair trade policy is to ensure that producers are not treated unreasonably in the process of selling products.


The Biogargano Consortium |

The producer is a member of the Organic Agriculture Chamber of Commerce in Gargano.


Gargano National Park Authority | www.parcogargano.it

Proves the farm is an officially recognized producer within the gargano national park area to ensure the authenticity of its raw materials.


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Recipes with Almonds!
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[Product Information]

"Quality Chart"

  • Texture: Crunchy but not hard
  • Flavor: Rich, Creamy, Aroma-building-aftertaste
  • Aroma: Coffee-like
  • Shelf Life: 1 years

"Nutritional Benefits "

  • High protein for muscle building.
  • High monosaturated fat for Keto Diet and cardiovascular health.
  • High Magnesium for ATP and protein synthesis.
  • Summary: Almonds is one of the best healthiest snack you can have.

"Ways to Serve "

  • >Eat them as a healthy daily snack! With or without salt is your choice.
  • >Toss in salad and match with Fruits such as figs, apple, apricot.
  • >Great for smoothies! Just add few and blend to make a rich milky almond.
  • >Make them the toppings and filling of your bakery!
  • >With bread, coffee, honey, chocolate.