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🍋🍋🍋檸檬意粉🍝 配 吞拿魚蕃茄 🐟
Lemon Linguine with Tuna 🐟and Tomato sauce🍝



[搵老豆較飛] 意大利人食 "紅豆抹茶pizza" ?!
Italian tries Red-Bean-Macha Pizza - Son Pranks on Father n Neighbors!


How to serve the: CACIOCAVALLO? - (Street Food Way - Melt and Panini)


如果再問意大利人Pizza可否落菠蘿,下場是⋯⋯(!!!)意大利籍香港人 |
Dont Ask An Italian AGAIN about Pineapple Pizza!!




"Volare" by Malika Ayane - [Support Italy version]

Every Italian knows this song. This is a beautiful cover of it.


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